Bullying Prevention

Prevent Bullying using the Broken Toy WorkshopTM

Utilizing a powerful, emotionally memorable video program, our experienced child behavior specialists lead a classroom experience which sets the stage for attitude and cultural changes within your school or organization.

Children from third to eighth grade are deeply affected by the story of a boy who is bullied, and the effect on him, as well as on his community.

Followup activities ensure that the lessons learned will be internalized and shared throughout the school or community.

The Broken Toy Workshop has a lasting impact on children, parents and staff, and begins a process of changing how bullying is seen and responded to.

Pro-community, and not anti-bully, The Broken Toy Workshop encourages the large, ever-present group of "silent observers" to support kids who get picked on - by befriending them, and by encouraging the bully to change his or her behavior.