Executive Development Program

The Executive Development Program, or EDP, brings to the individual executive the opportunity to achieve professional and personal goals previously thought to be unattainable. This 16-week program is engineered by a personal Mentor, using state-of-the-art psychological principles.

Breaking Through "The Wall"

The process can be likened to Olympic training. The master coach takes the star athlete through a series of activities that, if the athlete plays full out, will take the athlete to "the wall," where it appears that further improvement is impossible. Successfully breaking through "the wall" brings the athlete to an entirely new level of performance.

Athletes are accustomed to the power of breaking through "the wall" and in fact give themselves exceedingly high goals so as to hit and break through it, time and time again. They know that their best performance comes from those breakthroughs, and they intentionally seek "the wall" no matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may be.

Individually Engineered Change

In EDP, after preparation and "training" for the process of going for "the wall," the executive and the mentor design goals that will result in a more balanced life and in unprecedented levels of performance in several areas. One of the areas will be career performance and is aligned with the goals of the executive's company, department or team. The mentor then assists the executive in reaching those goals by monitoring progress and working with his natural resistance to the changes as they occur.

Resistance to change is inevitable and predictable; it occurs in proportion to the scope of change being attempted. Such resistance is experienced as "the wall." We call it the Growth Acceleration Process™, and the EDP is designed to elicit it in a big way. Through experiencing the GAP™ within a mentoring process, the executive learns specific strategies for managing his resistance and overcoming the subtle, unconscious habits of thinking and feeling that have kept him from breaking through.

The EDP experience is transformational, and all the steps are fully explained as they are worked through. The executive comes to see transformation in this way as a discipline, a process that is learnable and reproducible. Transformation thus becomes a continuous process and a way of life.

Time Frame

Individual sessions are 90 minutes long, and are held once a week for 16 weeks. During the period of goal attainment, the mentor is in touch with the executive as often as is necessary in addition to the regular weekly meeting. All communication between the mentor and the executive is held in strictest confidence.

The EDP contract is paid in advance, with the understanding that, anytime up through the fifth session, the unused balance will be refunded if the executive decides not to complete the program.

In the words of one CEO, "The power of this thing is incredible! Everybody who works with me has to experience it."