Gifted Kids

Gifted kids have special needs. Here are some of the things that Talented and Gifted children have told us they need help with. They need to:

  • “...get my teachers to listen to me about being bored.”
  • “...not get so stressed out about every thing.”
  • “...find out how to get out of doing busy-work.”
  • “...know what to do when I get teased for being smart.”
  • “...convince my mom that I don’t always have to get A+ .”
  • “...know how to get out of work I miss because of T & G class.”
  • “...deal with frustration when I already know the subject.”
  • “...know what to tell my parents when I bomb a test.”
  • “...know how to get along better with kids who aren’t T & G.”
  • “...quit acting dumb to get other kids to like me.”
  • “...not feel embarrassed when kids say, ‘What’s Target Class?’”
  • “...know how to get along like a regular person.”
  • “...know what to say when I make a mistake.”

Gifted children are prone to certain attitudes and personality traits, which can interfere with their success:

  • “Why is everyone else so stupid?”
  • Can’t or won’t perform unless intellectually stimulated
  • Perfectionistic, critical of self and of others
  • Takes self very seriously, not able to laugh at self
  • Loner, highly independent (“uncooperative”)
  • Unwilling to accept facts or ideas as final (“argumentative”)
  • Perceived by others as moody, temperamental or aloof
  • Perceives others as shallow, lazy or incompetent
  • Frustrated by set procedures (“rebellious”)
  • May fail at jobs those of lesser ability do well (“lazy”)
  • May feel a missionary urge to change things
  • Width of interests and activities not appreciated by others
  • Peers may perceive them as arrogant
  • Reacted to negatively by some teachers

Services for Talented and Gifted Children at Atlanta Area Psychological Associates

  • Accurate Testing to Qualify For Gifted Programs
  • Advisement and Coaching for Parents of Gifted
  • Performance Coaching for Gifted Children
  • Test-Taking Anxiety Reduction
  • Social Skills Enhancement Counseling
  • Liaison Services with Local Schools