Personnel Selection

The selection of senior management personnel is of critical importance. Many applicants may appear to have the requisite experience and training for the position. Your corporation might spend untold hours wading through resumes and pre-screening applicants, then conduct numerous interviews, to arrive at a "short list" of a few best candidates.

The successful candidate must have a clear understanding of your organization's goals as well as specific traits to thrive there and enhance the corporate vision. A "good fit" between the candidate's skills, working style, the demands of the position and the predominant culture of your organization is needed.

Consider the cost and effort of recruiting, selecting and hiring and training a qualified candidate. Then, consider the cost of a NEAR MISS because unseen personality factors went undiscovered!

Most corporations are fairly competent at assessing the candidate's skills and the demands of the position. Where costly errors occur is in the attempt by individuals within the organization to assess the quality of fit between the candidate's working style and the organizational culture. This is usually done by guessing, or deciding on the basis of the candidate's "personality."

Atlanta Area Psychological Associates can take the guesswork and subjectivity out of the hiring and promotion process and assure you that the successful candidate represents the best fit with that position and with your organization.

Benefits of Psychological Assessment of Job Candidates

  • Evaluation by a trained professional in all areas relevant to success in the position
  • Ensures compatibility with the team and organizational factors that are prerequisites for success
  • Positions the organization for success in attaining corporate goals and growth
  • Frees the organization from the revenue loss associated with short employee tenures, decreased team performance, and poor morale

Paramount to any product or service are committed personnel who possess team vision; they determine an organization's level of success. We provide proven tools in employee selection that exchange intuition and guesswork for logical, repeatable techniques grounded in tested psychological principles.

Hiring and Promotion Decision Making

Using the measurement technology of modern social science removes significant error factors in human resources decision-making. Our highly trained professional staff use reliable, state of the art assessment tools, whether your need is for Outplacement, Work Profiling or Occupational Testing.

Our tests include measures of skill related to actual job characteristics, individual skills/competencies, and "goodness of fit" statistical models to match employee abilities to the specific requirements of a particular job or occupational title.

We Know the Questions for the Answers You Need!

Atlanta Area Psychological Associates can assist your organization in selecting the right individuals for senior management positions. Our approach is unique in that we utilize psychological testing, as well as in-depth interviews conducted by professionals with extensive training in psychology, personality theory and neurolinguistic analysis. Only when these methods are used together can you be assured that the candidate is the right fit for your organization.

When Atlanta Area Psychological Associates is retained to assist in the selection of staff, in-depth interviews will be conducted with existing senior management personnel. These in-depth interviews will provide information regarding the more intangible aspects critical to the position - the culture of your organization, personality traits of the team, and other related factors. From these interviews, a series of tests will be selected for candidates to take.

Candidates will be tested, and the tests scored and interpreted. Finally, a trained professional will interview each candidate. From this interview and the test data, indicators of a wide range of potential difficulties or problem areas (poorness of fit) may be detected, or solidly converging evidence may suggest that this individual can thrive and succeed within your organization.

Our Services Include:

• Job Analysis   • Competency Profiling 
• Selection System Design  • Management Development
• Test Construction • Career Planning
• Structured Interview Development • Succession Planning
• Individual Assessment   • Performance Management