Sports Psychology

Some people think that sports psychologists are only concerned with finding ways to remedy athletic or competitive problems that athletes encounter with their sports. The recent publicity involving some Atlanta Braves players and their consultation with sports psychology has helped to fuel this misconception.

While sports psychology does indeed offer a wide rance of problem-solving interventions (including performance enhancement), solving mechanical, motivational or concentration problems is just a small part of the job (although perhaps the most glamorous!).

In reality, sports psychologists are much more frequently involved in counseling people, who happen to also be athletes or sports enthusiasts, with regard to many aspects of life adjustment. Athletes have stress, family problems, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression to the same extent as the rest of the population.

Sports Psychologists, then, provide counseling for whatever life area is being affected, with a degree of special knowledge, training, and both professional and personal experience with sports and athletics. Commitment to an athletic pursuit or lifestyle may be better understood and supported by a sports psychologist than by others.

Sports Psychologists at AAPA provide a wide range of assessment and testing relevant to sports performance, coaching issues, and other factors related to sports performance enhancement, team building, and optimizing approaches to coaching and training teams.

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