Please consider applying to join our practice at AAPA!

Please consider applying to join our practice at AAPA!

How much more time could you spend performing (and being paid for) important clinical work, if you no longer had to:

  • Schedule initial appointments, verify patient benefits
  • Generate bills to insurance companies and patients
  • Re-credential yourself with multiple panels and payors
  • Call insurance companies to ensure you are paid accurately
  • Arrange and pay for office space, supplies and tests
  • Handle marketing and referral relationship management
  • Stay ahead of insurance company trends and problems

For 40 years, AAPA has been a leader in providing psychotherapy and assessment services in the areas north of Atlanta. We have offices in Marietta, Roswell and Acworth, and are hoping soon to be in the Forsyth/Gwinett area as well. We are a true group practice, sharing resources, referrals and skill development. We have contracts with most major insurance companies, including Medicaid, with highly trained, efficient staff that makes this mostly a turn-key operation for clinicians.

We enjoy a sterling reputation and a diverse range of loyal referral sources including pediatricians, psychiatrists, surgeons, primary care doctors, school counselors, attorneys, and agencies. With new patient referrals at consistently high levels, we have more demand than we can comfortably meet. And, we are looking to add partners to become owners eventually.

The range of services that our administrative staff provide for our clinicians is far too numerous to list here. Most of us have found that, freed from the details of insurance verification, billing and re-billing, multiple credentialing and re-credentialing projects, marketing and referral development, we are able to sustain full-time practices that focus on clinical services, maximizing the use of our time (and incomes). Each of our clinicians is free to develop his or her practice in the direction they prefer; our patient populations and specializations cover a wide range of issues and problems. We support good clinicians in development of themselves and their practices.

In addition, we are seeking clinicians who want to grow into partners and owners of this thriving, stable and growing practice. As much as we love this work, some of us will want to retire in the next few years, and we need individuals who are willing to grow into leadership positions here.

We invite you to connect with us to talk about collaborating with us and joining our group.

Position:  Full-time Licensed Clinical Psychologist to provide both psychotherapy and psychological assessment. The position will involve providing psychological services to individuals (children and adults), couples, and families. Strong assessment skills and experience performing psychological testing with children is required. Experience with ADOS-2 is a plus. Additional interest in couples counseling is also a plus. Newly licensed professionals are encouraged to apply. Insurance credentialing is a plus, but not required. Required experience: Licensed Clinical Psychologist: 1 year

Email a letter of interest, a list of instruments you are qualified to administer including an approximate number of times you have administered each instrument, and resume to [email protected]

Position: Bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Bilingual Spanish-speaking licensed mental health professional to provide psychotherapy. The position will involve primarily providing psychotherapy to Spanish-speaking individuals (children and adults), couples, and families. Willingness to work with children and families is a must and the interested clinician must be fluent in Spanish. Newly licensed professionals are encouraged to apply. Insurance credentialing is a plus, but not required.

Our practice has cultivated relationships with professionals that provide services to a high number of Spanish speaking citizens. This is an opportunity to develop a full caseload and steady stream of referrals. Although the Hispanic/Latino population represented 1.7% of the population in 1990, it now represents over 9% of the population in Georgia. Additionally, Cobb (Marietta, GA) and Fulton (Roswell, GA) Counties are rapidly increasing the number of Spanish speaking citizens that need mental health services from a bilingual Spanish-speaking provider. A bilingual full-time clinician in our practice can build a caseload quickly and earn an above average income. Our practice will also provide clinical support, administrative staff and office space to promote the clinician’s success.

Required experience: Bilingual LPC, LCSW, LMFT or Licensed Psychologist: 1 year

Email a letter of interest and resume to [email protected]

Position: Master’s Level Psychometrist proficient in administering the ADOS-2 needed on PRN basis. Email letter of interest, a description of experience with the ADOS-2 and resume to [email protected]

Salary: $24.00 /hour
Required education: Master's
Required experience: ADOS-2: 1 year

Email a letter of interest, a list of instruments you are qualified to administer including an approximate number of times you have administered each instrument, and resume to [email protected]

Some of us have been in solo practice before joining AAPA, and we can attest to the loneliness and isolation that can develop in that situation. The professional camaraderie, the opportunity to develop more complex and comprehensive programs in collaboration with others, the "hallway supervision" that we give and receive on interesting and/or difficult cases, the continuous learning from each other, are all excellent reasons to join a group practice such as this. AAPA is a real group practice, sharing the costs of overhead and being truly invested in each other's success. We collaborate in marketing efforts, share decision-making on some issues, and support each other professionally. We have also been known to recreate together, at Braves games, around a pool, or on hikes in the wilderness.

Those of us who used to be in solo practice do not miss spending one or two entire weekends a month generating the billing, and following up with insurance companies and patients who owe us money. AAPA has a staff of professionals who handle most intake issues, pre-verify insurance, handle the billing of insurance companies and patients, and generally make our lives significantly easier. Our collection rate is one of the best in the mental health industry, so you can count on getting paid if you do what you are supposed to. We also help clinical staff apply for membership on insurance company panels, and our clinicians are currently on three (of four) Medicaid mental health managed care plans.

Another reason that we enjoy being part of AAPA is the marketing support. We have a Community Relations person who arranges introductions to medical practices, helps set up speaking engagements, and helps us maintain our relationships with local doctors, schools and community agencies. A solo practitioner cannot afford this type of marketing service.

If you are interested in pursuing the possibility of affiliating with AAPA, please click here, fill out the email form and send it to us. We'll call or email you back to let you know what the next step may be.